• General Questions
    Q. When and where do you meet?
    A. We meet on Wednesdays at Green Hill Church, 13251 Lebanon Rd., Mt. Juliet, TN 37122. For co-op students, fall semester classes begin the week of Labor Day and finish before Thanksgiving. Winter semester classes begin in early January and run through mid-March. High school classes begin in August and finish in late April or early May.
    Q. How many weeks do you meet?
    A. Co-op classes meet for ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the winter. High school credit classes meet for 16 weeks each semester.
    Q. Can I come visit?
    A. Yes! Just contact our Coordinator to make arrangements.
    Q. Can I join Legacy mid-year?
    A. Yes, Legacy accepts new families mid-year. Based on availability, new families have the opportunity to join us when we register for winter semester in November. When space is available new families can join during any semester up to the second week of classes. No new students will be accepted after the second week of class.
    Q. What classes are offered at Legacy Family Academy?
    A. The classes offered vary from semester to semester. Check the Classes section of the website to see a list of the current semester’s offerings. For the upcoming semester, go to the Getting Started page for more information about registration and classes.
    Q. What are the parent responsibilities for families participating in Legacy?
    A. Parents are asked to teach or assist during two class periods each semester. Every effort is made to allow each parent at least one class period to interact with other homeschool parents.
    Q. What do I do if I’d like to teach a class?
    A. Submit a Prospective Class Application. The class schedule is compiled each semester from class applications submitted by Christian parents.
    Q. Can I drop my child off at Legacy and run errands while class is in session?
    A. No. Parents must remain at Legacy with their children at all times. If you have business off campus that must be done during Legacy hours, please sign out in the Hospitality Hall designating the time of your departure, the time of your return, your cell number, the names of your children, and the person you are leaving in charge of your family.
    Q. Is Legacy Family Academy an umbrella school?
    A. No, Legacy Family Academy simply comes alongside parents to support them in their homeschooling. We do not keep or report academic records. Each family is responsible for registering with an umbrella school or with the local school board. A list of umbrella schools is available on the Resources page.
    Q. What happens if it snows?
    A. In case of inclement weather including snow or other severe weather, closure information will be posted in the events section on the Welcome page of this web site. You will also receive notification through the Yahoo group.
  • Registration Questions
    Q. What is a "returning family"?
    A. At the time of registration, a family is considered to have returning status if the family: 1) is actively participating in Legacy at the time of registration and 2) is current on all class tuition for current and previous years.
    Q. What is a "new family"?
    A. A new family is one that did not participate in Legacy Family Academy during the previous semester.
    Q. How much are fees?
    A. The registration fee is $60/family/year. For families of high school students when a parent is unable to contribute two hours per week working in the co-op, the registration fee is $125/family/year. Additional class fees apply for most classes. The average class fee for co-op classes is about $10/semester. Classes with outside instructors will have significantly higher fees. Also, there is a $10 background check fee for new families.
    Q. Are the registration fee, class fees, or material fees refundable?
    A. No. Please consider your participation prayerfully.
    Q. When are jobs assigned?
    A. You have the opportunity to select assistant positions at registration. Adjustments may be made by the Coordinator as needed.
    Q. How do I drop a class?
    A. To drop a class, complete a Drop/Add Form. Please note that a class may not be dropped unless an appropriate replacement class is available. No class changes will be made after the second week of class.
    Q. How do I drop all classes at Legacy?
    A. To drop all classes, please notify the Coordinator or Membership Coordinators.

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